Live Well


“There’s a difference in living and living well.”
-George Strait, “Living and Living Well”

This is going to be a short post! Okay, so let’s be real here. I didn’t check back in on the whole Bikini Bootcamp ordeal because… well… I didn’t go through with it! I’m admitting it and, once again, starting fresh. I will say that blogging about it has made me realize how tough it can be for anyone to stick to a very stringent plan that didn’t come from within. I will also say that over the past few weeks I didn’t follow any plan. Instead, I just used a lot of my available time simply walking to do errands and go to places off my college campus. For example, instead of just getting a ride from a friend to The Pita Pit (one of my favorites in Melbourne), I walked the couple of miles, ate to regain my energy, and then walked back. It felt so good and it’s starting to become a trend! I’ve been on a steady track of not going for these crazy plans and goals right away and instead have been simply making a lifestyle change to be healthier. It’s now not about running the fastest or losing a steady 2 pounds per week, it’s simply living healthy.

As for RESULTS, the last time I checked the scales about a month ago I was 165.6 lb and now I am 163.4 lb (whoa, that’s the first time I’ve made my weight public)! Perhaps I’m more comfortable with it now that I know my lifestyle is what matters and that it’s changed for the better.

Being steadily healthy is better than being sporadically skinnier. There’s a difference between doing something and doing it well.



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