Jumping Right Back In!

Hi Everyone! I want to update y’all with my health progress since I last wrote about starting on some of my goals. Well, to be completely honest, I really did lose just over eight pounds in just a couple months, but then I came back to campus and weighed myself one day and it was nearly all back. However, this is not something unfortunate, it’s all a learning experience! This taught me that I can’t just let my goals out of sight when I start hanging around with my friends more and some of them want to go out to eat more often that I did at home or get something easy from the eateries on campus. I’ve realized that as environments change, the route to get to your goal may have to change with it. That’s something that is really applicable to a lot of things in life, but for now I’ll just say that my future posts following my healthier journeys will definitely include tips structured around a college or busy lifestyle. If you fit into one of those categories, then hopefully some of my stories will help you!

I know sometimes it’s tough for young adults to get into focusing on health if it wasn’t a main concern in the past simply because not a lot of our peers spend a lot of time focusing on it so, at least for me, it could be awkward to bring up. But seriously our friends will be our friends; they already know what we look like, so why be afraid to express our interests in getting healthier around them? Good friends should encourage us to reach our goals, and may even want to join in! Just look at that picture to the left – clearly since I’m writing this I’m not at what I consider to be the perfect scenario for how healthy I want to be – I definitely want to be more tone and wouldn’t mind losing some more weight – but I still jump, dance, go out, and love my life! I’m confident around others which was really the first step to me being confident enough to admit that I want a change to be healthier, and that’s the first advice I can give right now. Just be confident in yourself and who you are as a person before embarking on some sort of large goal and you will get there faster and with more outside encouragement since you’re confident enough to let it out in the public – even if just to one other person or a small group of friends that you think understands.

Basically, I’m starting fresh (admittedly back where I started) and hey, watch out world, because I’m more focused than ever about this now that I’ve identified some barriers from my lifestyle! One key thing here is how I’m not dwelling on how I had a bit of a restart, I’m simply taking in the facts of the past to plan and revamp my energy for the future so I can reach my goals.


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