Instagram Special: Planes

“You were born to fly” -Sara Evans, “Born to Fly”

I absolutely love Instagram. For me, it’s just a great way to share moments as they happen, and I have it integrated with my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I was looking through all my Instagram photos since I started my account and realized that a good chunk of them were of planes, or aviation related, so I decided to add a few at a time together in one place for your enjoyment :). These are just random ones of the many that I’ve taken, so you can expect more posts like this! If you want to see a post about a particular one, there’s most likely a story behind it and why I was there so just shout it out in the comments or on Twitter/Facebook, or even click on the photos to ❤ or leave a comment… whatever lifts your plane! (Get it… like ‘whatever floats your boat’? Okay fine, I’m weird).

Space Shuttle Discovery atop a B737 at KSC before being transported for static display.

Tower at KSC, bright and early!

Jimmy Buffett’s Grumman Albatross

Taking off at Valkaria – don’t know the pilot or the plane but would like to get to know both!

Going back to campus from Valkaria Airport after Flight Team practice – such pretty coastline!

Looking back at a great airshow from the runway (a friend and I flew in and out of Sun n’ Fun ’12)

At Valkaria Airport for Flight Team practice – loving the deep blue sky in this.


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