Learning to Fly!

“In a place beyond the sky, I’m ready to fly.” -Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Ready to Fly”REBLOGGED FROM AOPA – Original Link

Hi! My nameʼs Genevieve, Iʼm 19 years old, majoring in Aviation Management at FIT, and currently pursuing my private pilotʼs license. I’m so excited to be able to share my experiences with all of you, but before I jump into my flight training and aviation adventures, I feel like I should give a little on my background – hopefully so that if you are thinking of flight training, youʼll be able to know where I come from and say “Hey, if she can do it, I can do it too!”.

Iʼm a small town girl. Iʼve lived in southern New Hampshire my entire life. Thereʼs actually a small private runway in my tiny town of Brookline, but the closest municipal airport is about 20 minutes out of town and closest international is about an hour away. So, I have a different story than most that I see from other student pilots. I didnʼt grow up passing by airports or seeing planes in the sky all the time. I didnʼt attend an airshow until this year. I never used to watch tv specials or read articles focused just on aviation. I even started out in college last year as an engineering major, not in aviation.

With all that said, now hereʼs where I am now and how I got here. I was on a FIRST Robotics team in high school, which when I look back now, it was all more about strategy and business operations within a technical program to me (I was the business lead junior year and a captain my senior year of a team of about 100 people; it really was like running a technical business). Even with my business focuses, I was very influenced to major in engineering, so I started out in college as a dual-major in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. It was all great, but then after a full semester of being exposed to all the different majors around without those influences back home, and after attending my first airshow with some friends already in aviation, I was hooked. I realized the main reason I was doing engineering was for the money, and that even in a technical program like FIRST, Iʼve always been a very business and top-level process- oriented person and that I shouldnʼt hide that talent from the work I get into. I’m just a people person! Aviation Management can get me where I want to be – whether thatʼs working the business/operations side of an aerospace engineering company, or working with logistics, processes, or people interaction for an airport or airline. All it took was the bit of exposure to the field and major to make me realize thatʼs what I love most and it was the absolute best choice for me.

Lesson from this story? I urge all of you reading this thinking about getting into anything aviation-related: just talk about it with someone. If you have a friend with a plane, go up. If you have a friend taking lessons, ask if you can spectate from the back on a lesson to see if itʼs for you. If you know someone that works at the airport, see if you can meet for lunch and chat. If you donʼt know anyone, go to an airshow! Go and talk to some exhibitors and get business cards here and there just to have people to talk to about getting involved in the future. Theyʼll all want to help you because if theyʼre there representing a company or showing off their own plane, theyʼll want to get others into aviation as well. Plus, you get to have fun on a nice sunny day with an ice cold drink watching some pretty spectacular stunts and see some unique planes and pieces of military history. Attending my first airshow, Sun nʼ Fun, while at college in Florida is where I can clearly pinpoint my decision to get into all of this. The next part of my story is how Iʼve recently started taking lessons to become a private pilot, which will be the focus of many of my future posts. I sincerely hope to inspire others through writing about my aviation experiences and pilot training, and help others who are already going through their training by posting tips and resources along the way! If any of you have any questions, no matter what step you are in pilot training or an aviation career, just comment on a post and Iʼll reply and weʼll get in touch!

Blue Skies!


3 thoughts on “Learning to Fly!

  1. I really liked your text. I believe aviation is one of the most exciting things in life. I’m starting to fly now. I fly in Brazil (My Country), we have very nice landscapes to fly. I live in São José dos Campos – State of Sao Paulo, here we have the headquarters of Embraer, the third largest manufacturer of commercial jets in the world. We have all the time several E-Jets taking off with several colors of U.S. airlines. This is really cool, We have many flight tests too. I wanted to know how are the lessons of flights there in your country? What aircraft are the basic trainers? And you want to pursue a career airline pilot?

    Blue Skies!

    Thank you,

    Best regards

    Joao Paulo

    P.S – Sorry for any grammar mistake or agreement, because Portuguese is my first language.

    • Hi Joao,

      Your English grammar is fine! Thanks for reading! I have a lot more to write about my first few lessons to get this section up to date, but basically the most typical trainers I’ve seen here are Piper Warriors and Cessna 172’s. I started in a Warrior at home this summer. I go to college far from home, so since it’s easier and more efficient to do a lot of lessons consecutively to stay on top of things to get my private, I stopped my training after only a few hours back home and will be picking up my training near my university. Near home I flew in the Warrior and I may switch over to the 172 since that is what my university’s flight team performs in at competitions (we do events like precision landings and message drops from the planes, as well as written tests).

      I’ll be posting a summary of my bit of training from the summer and then from there I’ll be able to update regularly once I start my training again! If you have any questions in the meantime, just let me know.

      Also, I’m familiar with Embraer – there’s a plant near my university in Melbourne, FL!


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