Makin’ Waves and Catchin’ Rays

“So get away, to where the boat leaves from,
it takes away, all of your big problems.
You got worries? You can drop ’em in the big ocean,
but you gotta’ get away to where the boat leaves from.
-Zac Brown Band, “Where the Boat Leaves From”

Last week I went on a trip with a few friends that from the beginning of the day I knew I had to share! My friend’s dad used to work at Pease AFB up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We started off the day by all hopping into a bright red Chevy pickup (you know, there’s somethin’ bout a truck), so that set the mood off right for a good day of driving around the base on a beautiful day. We all got his own grand tour of Pease; it was inspiring to learn just how big it used to be; I remember thinking it was much like a large college campus in its hey day with a range of living quarters, fields/courts, a variety of bars and restaurants, a library, buildings for certain activities, and of course the various buildings for different departments where people worked. It was also cool to see how it’s evolved into the mostly commercial Pease International Tradeport that most people in the area know about today which also hosts the extremely popular Boston-Porstmouth Air Show. The tradeport’s long runway was even a backup landing spot for the space shuttle program in the case of an emergency landing.

We then had a great lunch at Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth (one of only two locations, the other’s all the way in Washington!). It was nice to catch up with everyone over some good comfort food (I had a classic dish of fish n’ chips). We then went into the NAVSEA Naval base/shipyard in Portsmouth, where their boat is docked since our friend’s dad is a veteran. It was my first time out on a sailboat and I got to be captain for half the ride :). All those Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett songs are right, getting out on a boat in the ocean somewhere is so relaxing. Your mind’s at ease while you put your focus on the soft waves, the open sky, the islands all around you, and all the little sounds you occasionally hear from a harbor or other boats off in the distance. Also, once you get out on a boat, you feel part of a community; if another boat passes, both parties always wave, no matter what!

The entire day was a great experience, and now I know how fun and relaxing boating can be! Plus just to think, other than cruises, I’ve really only been boating up north in kayaks/canoes many times and now once in a sailboat… can’t wait to get out on any type of boat when I’m in college in Florida, or on a pontoon with even more friends anywhere!


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