Classic Style by Gamma Phi Beta

“My, my sorority girl…” -Luke Bryan, “Sorority Girl”

For those of you reading who don’t know, Gamma Phi Beta‘s official colors are brown and mode (very light brown), the sorority is also associated with lots of pink, our symbol is the crescent moon, and our flower is the pink carnation. With that in mind, I went through and put together some pieces that were already in my wardrobe to create a classic but very versatile outfit. I also went out shopping for some Gamma Phi inspired accessories, which is what made me think about writing this in the first place.

To start the base this Gamma Phi Beta inspired look, I chose a classic mid-length, pink skirt with a flower pattern. I just absolutely love a mid-length A-line skirt because it really can help flatter any figure. Plus this one, the “Magnolia” by Lilly Pulitzer ($228 retail, bought on eBay for $34.99), is pink, delicately detailed, and beautiful! I paired that with a simple white collared work shirt from Michael Kors (Couldn’t find exact one online but about $80 retail, bought at Burlington Coat Factory for $19.99). If you look closer, it has a little added style with the embellishments on the sleeves, which is perfect to feminize the piece and separate it from just any white shirt. Since the shirt is simple, to balance out the top half with the bottom half, I added a cute bow necklace from Icing that has some detail to it that really pops against the crisp white top.

This is an outfit that can be work to class, to work, even for a night out on the town – it just depends on what you add to it. To wear to work, I’d leave it just as is – conservative, but pretty in the details. For a more casual feel, I added a medium brown cotton knit jacket from Aerie (purchased with a 2-for-1 deal in-store, got this one and a navy one for $39.95). To go out, I added a bright pink blazer. Notice these choices were both solid colors; another pattern or too many colors may be too much with this detailed of a skirt. Those options are a little heavier, perfect for fall or even winter with some stockings, but if you’re going out on a summer night with this outfit you can add a thin cardigan. I think brown, pink, black, or white would look great!

Now for some Gamma Phi accessories! Today was my first time EVER in Charming Charlie (I know, I know, in a sorority and never been? :]) I went in with a mission: Get in, find Gamma Phi stuff, and spend about $50. I must say, I was extremely impressed with the place! I found what I wanted fairly quickly since all of their items were organized by color. I ended up getting a necklace, two pairs of earrings, a headband, and two scarves just under my $50 goal and all very Gamma Phi – perfect for Recruitment or just showing off some pride any other day! Here’s what I got…

Crescent Moon Statement Piece: I didn’t go looking for this, I just saw it and absolutely knew I had to get it. Gamma Phi’s symbol is the crescent moon and our official colors are brown and mode (light brown), so really this piece could not be any more perfect. Plus it actually came with matching earrings as a set for $12.97. This is NOT something I would normally pick up, but because it matched Gamma Phi so perfectly I went out of my comfort zone a bit for it. Good thing I did, because I realized when I got home that I really don’t have anything like it and a physically large statement making piece is a good thing to have in any wardrobe, no matter what the style.

Pink Scarves (One Simple, One Patterned): In Charming Charlie, there’s scarves everywhere! And all the ones I saw were either $14.97 for a single and more detailed/intricate one, or $19.97 for two more simple ones. I picked up a set of two that came with a simple bright pink scarf and a light/bright pink tweed patterned scarf. I figured it would be good to have a simple one to add some color to multiple outfits, and also a classically patterned one to add a design element to a simple outfit or an outfit that would normally be more conservative.

Pink Carnation Pieces: Gamma Phi’s flower is the pink carnation, so I went looking for anything in the store with pink flowers so that I could narrow it down from there to carnation looking items. I really wanted earrings and a headband, so these were the top choices. The earrings and headband were each $7.97.

I also found some coincidentally Gamma Phi style pieces at home to share (light/dark brown and pink bags, simple but stylish and COMFORTABLE brown shoes, and of course pearls!!

Top Left: Bag (brown/left) by Kathy Van Zeeland, Bag (pink/right) by Coach
Top Right: Loafer flats by LifeStride
Bottom Left: Strappy sandal heels by Aerosoles
Bottom Right: Various pearls (long necklace, short necklace, three-stranded bracelet, and pearled Gamma Phi Beta badge!)


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