Me!Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog, “Life by Country”! My name’s Genevieve and basically I’ve been writing for online and print media for a while now I decided one day to dive into the blogosphere. I finally just sat down at my computer, thought of ideas for layout and content, and just did it! Whether you know me well or not, you’re probably thinking “What’s up with all the country stuff?”, and here’s the answer. I didn’t just want to write about things, I wanted to have something unique to my personal blog. I love the feel and meaning behind a lot of country music, so it just came to me one day as a ‘eureka!’ moment that I really do live my life like a country song – naturally, beautifully, and filled with good times and good people. All the sections of my blog are titled with titles of country songs too! Feel free to check all the categories out or just come back to one category that’s perhaps more relevant to something you’re going through or trying to achieve in your life. The goal of all this is to share my experiences with others, including the highs, lows, and everything in between in order to inspire or help others. If one person has more of an appreciation for aviation after reading a post in “You Gonna Fly”, or if someone decides to jump on getting healthier after reading about a new workout or recipe in “I Run to You”, I’ve accomplished my mission. I hope you all enjoy it here and come back for the new posts as I fill in the pages!

Here’s a breakdown of what the country lyric-titled categories will lead you to:

“I Run to You” (Lady Antebellum) – A log of my recent health and fitness journey as I’m reaching my goals.

“Little Sundress” (Chris Cagle) – Everything fashion (well, mostly for women, sorry guys!), especially focusing on deals and on pieces that can take you from day to night with just a few accessory changes to save money!

“Out Last Night” (Kenny Chesney) – Reviews on restaurants and places. Detailed reviews on places I’ve been and curations of places I’d like to go.

“Red Dirt Road” (Brooks & Dunn) – Stories from my outdoorsy activities (fishing, running, hiking, kayaking, biking, etc.) and why it’s so important to get out and be active in the fresh air!

“You Gonna Fly” (Keith Urban) – Aviation adventures (flight training, air shows, etc.)

“Sorority Girl” (Luke Bryan) – All things sorority! Core values, fun times, why being part of ANY sorority is beneficial, tips on inexpensive big/little gifts and sorority-specific wear, everything!


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. We enjoyed your own article quite definitely. You happen to be always quite kind towards readers much like me and help me in my lifestyle. Thank you.

  2. Hey! I’m visiting from SITS Sharefest – Hope your weekend is goin’ good. I like your country blog – I am a rookie blogger as well! Now hooked up to follow you 🙂

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